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Instructions » Blog Archive » The Midi Thief @ Lilla Ukraina

The Midi Thief @ Lilla Ukraina

A few clips from the visuals to Rigas Den Andre’s live performance at Lilla Ukraina in Årsta, Sweden. The music is of the genre Skwee which has Scandinavian roots.

For this performance I was trying a different approach. I have just started using VDMX again after 6 years. It has so many possibilities but it’s pretty frustrating getting in to again because of it’s complexity. I had been playing around with the beta for a week or so and bought the software the day before the gig. My goal was to learn how to incorporate and control Quartz Composer objects in VDMX and that about what I had time to do. I was only using VDMX for Riga’s gig and then switch back to Modul8 for the rest of the night, since that’s what I’m comfortable with.

The old school video glitch effect was done with Vade’s v002 Glitch Quartz Composer plugin and hand tweaked with a midi controller in VDMX. The footage is from Synthetics and from Riga’s latest home made music video.

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