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Synthetics Live Audio/Visual Set

On Thursday 15th September in London, Ben (Synthetics) will be performing his inaugural full audio/visual set for the opening night of the Hackney Film Festival at Platform Bar, Netil House, Hackney. He’s been toiling away over the summer on this new material and it’s exciting to have the opportunity to showcase the project. The 45 minute presentation combines soundtrack style atmospherics with more polished compositions, timed beautifully to his visual aesthetic. There’s no sneak peek yet, but expect videos to be posted online shortly after the event. More info on the gig here

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  1. Oliver Says:

    I saw Synthetics a few years ago when I was out that way (across the pond). Have to say one of the best visual shows I have ever seen. Found this page when searching for some of his recordings. Hard to find!

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