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The Instructions VJ collective formed in 2003 as a means of international collaboration between like-minded but disparately located visual arts enthusiasts. In those days they were still FedEx’ing mini DV tapes across Europe to each other, but thankfully since then have discovered the Internet and their production time and also their footage miles have been significantly reduced.

Its founding members are Mikael Wehner, Anders Carleö and Ben Cook. Anders retired from service several years ago so Ben and Mike are the current core contributors.

Over the years Instructions have teamed up with DJs, musicians and other VJ artists including Torb Life who joined the collective in 2007 and continues to contribute occasionally. More recently, in June 2010 Mike and Ben headlined Volt with Le Petit Orb (formerly The Orb) and in November they played the main stage prime slot at VJ-Festival Erlangen.

Wherever possible the Instructions policy is to create bespoke graphics for each new event, which not only helps push their work forward but also unifies the performance under a common theme. It is their latest gigs at Volt 2010 and VJ-Festival Erlangen where Mike and Ben have achieved more synergy than ever before with their styles and influences.

Instructions have performed at: VJ-Festival Erlangen, Volt, The Flow Festival, Popcorn Film Festival, Pixelache, Pixelvärk, Plektrum Festival of Visual Sound, Hackney Film Festival, Fringe, The Elle Awards Stockholm, Go08, events for Carlsberg, LG, Prada and Absolut Vodka and many other gigs and events at venues and clubs around Stockholm and London. They have created tour visuals for Dada Life, a music video for Emmon, visuals for Villa Nah, visuals for Chambertronica and have co-operated with Physical Interaction Lab and the Interactive Institute.