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Instructions » Modul8 Modules

Modul8 Modules

We’ve done some modules for Modul8. You can download them from the Modules Online Library in Modul8.

BCF2000 Endless Rotation – Endless rotation of a layer’s x/y/z axis when using Behringer’s BCF2000 midi controller. Probably works with the BCR2000 as well.

(i) Epileptic Strobe – Like a disco strobe on steorioids. Pick strobe color and frequency. It’s also possible to strobe a layer’s alpha transparency.

(i) Jolt – Shake individual layers.

(i) Pause All + Video Capture – Works like the “Still”-button but also pauses the video capture. This is a workaround for not being to pause the live video input. It’s not the ultimate solution since it’s using Trace, and moving objects on top of the live video will then leave trace marks. I made this after Ilan Katins concept in this thread on the Modul8 forum.

(i) Video Repeater – This  is a visual representation of the beat repeater effect that is found on DJ mixers and in audio software.

Special Modules (Not in the on-line library):

The Beckmans module – A module specially made for the Beckmans Stickvisning during Stockholm Fashion Week 2009. A simple module for changing media during the show with minimal chance of messing up.

Green Room – Made for an installation at Heineken’s Green Room Session. The module changes 2 videos plus a slideshow and fires off a strobe light every 8th second.

Upcomming Modules:

(i) Beat text – Animating text to the BPM.

(i) V-4 Module – Control an Edirol V-4 mixer from Modul8.

(i) Midi Feedback (working name) – Gives midi feedback to midi devices from Modul8 kewords. Read more about it at the Garagecube forum.