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Instructions » Synthetics (Ben Cook)

Synthetics (Ben Cook)

Synthetics aka Ben Cook is an audio-visual artist based in London. An original member of the Instructions VJ collective he has been working closely with its members and on independent visual activities since 2003.

Ben started interfering with Ciné Film, S-VHS video and a Macintosh Classic II at art school back in the early-‘90s. This training in Fine Art combined with a career in motion graphics informs the unique approach he applies to the production and performance of his visuals. Abstract geometrics, vibrant colour palettes and soft organic textures conjure an aesthetic which lives as much in the avant-garde film experiments of the early 20th century as it does on the screens of today.

Since June 2010 Ben has been working with Finnish synth-pop duo Villa Nah developing and playing live visuals for their shows, most notably at Flow 2010 to a crowd of 5000 people.

He has performed at: VJ-Festival Erlangen 2010 (Germany), Hackney Film Festival 2010 (London), Flow 2010 (Finland), Volt 2009 & 2010 (Sweden), Pixelvärk 2007 & 2008 (Sweden), Plektrum Festival of Visual Sound 2007 (Estonia), and other regular gigs and events around London and Stockholm.

Web site: www.synthetics-av.com