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Instructions » The Midi Thief (Mikael Wehner)

The Midi Thief (Mikael Wehner)

The Midi Thief a.k.a. Mikael Wehner is a visual artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. His experiments with video and sound date back to the late ‘80s when he was playing around with his Commodore Amiga and a genlock interface. In 2003 he started VJ-ing and has since collaborated with musical artists, DJs and other visual artists within and outside the Instructions collective.

Over the last year he has been focused on achieving soul within his visuals by mixing analog and digital content and combining techniques to give his work a grainy, dusty, and living texture.

Mikael is also co-founder of the Swedish VJ Union and has been working with the Pixelvärk festival and the Pixelache network since 2007.

He has performed at:  VJ-Festival Erlangen, Volt, Popcorn Film Festival, Pixelache, Pixelvärk, Plektrum Festival of Visual Sound, Fringe, The Elle Awards Stockholm, Go08, events for Carlsberg, LG, Prada and Absolut Vodka and many other gigs and events at venues and clubs around Stockholm and London.He has created tour visuals for Dada Life, a music video for Emmon, visuals for Chambertronica and have co-operated with Physical Interaction Lab and the Interactive Institute.

Web site: The Midi Thief